Storming of Bastille

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Storming of Bastille

Citizens had a very bad relationship with the king Louis XVI. The peasant and Borgeoise were frustrated at not being able to make more Progress at writing a Constitution when the National Assembly met. There wer over three hundred people ready to give their lives to pt an end to their overtaxing and overbearing goverment. French citizens had stolen weapons previously in order to defend themselves and launch a rebellion. However, these weapons lacked sufficient ammunition. The idea to storm the Bastille then was strategic to the rebellion since there was alot of ammunition there. This was actually what the citizens were hoping to release from the Bastille when they forced their way in.


In the storming of the Bastille, some guards were murdered and all the prisoners were freed, even though there were barely any prisioners. The storming of the bastille was more of a symbolic thing for French people, symbolizing their resistance to the high taxes and ammunition.



Storming of Bastille



When?Half past three on July 14,1789

Maria Fissore and Juanchi Tognini


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