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StormbreakerBy: Anthony HorowitzProject By: Claire BenedictDurham 1st Hour

About the Author

Anthony Horowitz was born in North England on April 5, 1955. He attended Orley Farm Prep School then Rugbe School and finally graduated from York University. He wrote his first book, The Sinister Secret of Frederick K Bower, when he was 23, and then continuded writing books for older children. He has, to date, written more than 20 books including the Alex Rider series. He now lives with his wife and two kids, Nicholas and Cassian, in London.

Setting 1: Mr. Sayles MansionThis is where Alex goes to spy on the manufacture of the Stormbreakers. He also gets to try one of the computers. One of the things he sees when he is spied on Mr. Sayle's company is a shipment of black boxes, which were being inserted into the Stormbreakers. He then gets caught by Mr. Sayle for spying and is being chased by the men who work for Mr. Sayle. Mr. Sayles mansion is very elegant with a helicopter, and a big aquarium that has a colossal Man O' War (jellyfish like animal). There are a lot of cameras and security guards too.

Setting 2: The Boot CampBefore Alex could go to on mission Stormbreaker, he had to trian.


The rising action in the book Stormbreaker is when Alex discovers that his uncle, who had recently died, was really a spy. He was then recruited to spy on Mr. Sayle and the production of the Stormbreakers. Along with that he had to train so he went to a training facility. He tried to get along with the other men in his unit but it doesn't go well, they hated him. Though, at the end of the training when he went with his unit to watch them parachute off of a helicopter a man who didn't like him, named Wolf, was scared so he pushed him off the helicopter and Wolf was very thankful.

The climax in the book, Stormbreaker, is when Alex gets caught spying on the productions of the Stormbreakers. He realized that the black boxes had deadly poison in them. When Mr. Sayle turned them on, all of the people who had them would be infected. He is tied up in a chair and promised, my Mr. Sayel, a slow, painful death. After a while, Mr. Grin came in a put him in the big aquarium with a deadly Portuguese Man O’ War! Alex decided to use his metal melting zit cream to break out. Once he did that he stole a car and chased the plane he needed to get on down the runway and got on. He had to save all the people of London, and the world.

The conclusion in the book is when Alex gets to where Mr. Sayle will be turning on all of the Stormbreakers. He breaks into the building and shoots Mr. Sayle and the button that turns them on. Because of that he saved all of the people who had Stormbreakers from being killed with the poison inside of them. He is done with his mission and he goes back to his normal life. When he gets back to school and tells the teacher he had a very, very bad case of the flu!

Alex Rider Alex is the main character who is 14. His parents died when he was young so he lived with his uncle instead. One night he was woken up to the information that Ian Rider, his uncle, had apparently perished in a car crash. That was not what happened. His uncle was on a mission because he was a spy. Alex is very, very courageous, curious, daring, and smart. He will do anything, like jump off planes and buildings to get information. He also risked his life completing a mission to save most of the world from the revenge of Mr. Sayle.

Mr. Grin Mr. Grin is Mr. Sayle’s butler. He is tall, thin, pale, and has ginger hair. He also has two horrendous scars, one on each side of his mouth, twisting up all the way to his ears. He changed his name after he had a knife throwing accident in the circus! He is loyal to Mr. Sayle and efficient. He also tries to kill Alex with a plane when Alex parachuted out of it.

Herod Sayle Mr. Sayle is a short man who wants revenge. He was just a poor boy living in the streets of Cairo when he then saved a wealthy couple's lives by pushing them out of the way when a piano fell out of a building accidentally. They were very thankful and sent him to London. There he became rich with the production of Stormbreakers though he still hold a grudge, he hated the Prime Minister and wanted revenge. That was because when he went to a London school he was bullied by one boy hated him because he was different. That boy became the prime minister. Mr. Sayle is very smart but also crazy, he will kill anyone who gets in his way.



Herold Sayle

Mr. Grin

Alex Rider


I think the message in the book Stormbreaker is to never give up. Alex was persistent and because of that he saved the world from the revenge of Herod Sayle. During training he also had to go on a hard, long hike. If he had not succeed that, then he might have not been able to go on his mission to Mr. Sayles mansion. He also wasn't being forced into spying on Mr. Sayle but he risked his life anyway and never gave up. Because of that he was able to stop Mr. Sayle. This book taught me to never give up because you can succeed whatever you put your mind to.


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