Storage devices

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Storage devices

Storage Devices

Zip Disk came out 1995. All Zip Disks had 100MB cartrige. Later the Zip Disks were upgraded to hold 250MB and later 750MB.

Floppy Disks


Floppy Disks had a limited use. Over time Floppy Disks got smaller overtime. Floppy Disks were invented at IBM [International Business Machines] by Alan Shugarts in 1969.

Zip Disk

The Memory Stick was made by Amir Ban, Dov Moran, and Oron Ogdan on April 1999. How much data a memory stick can hold depends on how large it is.

CD-R's were made in 2004. The inventer of the CD-R was James Russell. CD-R were very simular to CD's.

Memory Stick

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