Stopping Poverty

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Stopping Poverty

Having large numbers of people with too few resources and too little space, is always associated with poverty. One of thing that cause poverty is lack of education that begin from the early age into the adulthood; and they are often worsen through hunger. Another thing that causes poverty and lead people to to be in lack of materials are wars . Many poor countries are poor because they are constantly fighting wars. Wars that cost them millions and billions dollar into weapons, uniforms, food, and manpower. These money could be used for citizen's good but they go into war instead.


Most people can't find better work because there no formal economy. This things are mostly based on government choices. Some government often decid to just look on their own sides but neglet the others. that result in lost of economy, low wages, or lost of natural resources. In Africa for example, people don't have the oppotunity to explore their resourse because they have been conserved only by the government and the outsider. This often harm the economy.

The roots of hunger are found in poverty, war, inequitable trade patterns, ignorance, and disease; or inherited hunger. There is food enough for all, yet hunger persists. Over 850 million people around the world receive insufficient nutrition. One in five of them is a child. 6 million children under the age of five die each year as a result of hunger.


130 million children around the world are denied the chance to attend school. Another 150 million children drop out of primary school due to parent's financial issues or hunger.


Apply quality education to the needing people.Help provide better health care to children an adults.We need to help the hunger nations have atleast something to comsum.

Causes of Poverty


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Together we can help make difference in someone's life

Stopping Poverty


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