Stop The Evolution!

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by MichaelBlevins
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Stop The Evolution!

Digital Storytelling

As we evolve out intevation skills are getting better and better. It is frighting to know you can be on your phone and be watched. Or how you can be driving and someone else begin to drive your car. There are great things too but it is too much of a risk with these developments still.

In the world today there are many new technologies uprising. Here are some reasons of why they can become problems.


The Story about ...

Why ?

Microsoft, as well as Apple have one not so obvious thing in common they were all started in a garage.--It has been 40 years since the world’s first mobile phone call successfully took place.------------------There are 350 million Snapchat messages sent every day.


This video is about technology and how they have invented a gadget to complete tasks with just swiping your hand

For us to control these evolutionary devices we need to slow down on our research. The more we buy and want bigger and better the bigger the problem this will become. We have to make sure to keep reality in contact rather than our own virtual worlds.




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