Stop that Putting on Frills - Episode 2

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Stop that Putting on Frills - Episode 2

"I didn't want to go back no more. I had stopped cussing, because the widow didn't like it; but now I took to it again because pap hadn't no objections" (34).

Episode 2 (Ch. 5-7)"Stop that Putting on Frills"

This quote signifies how Huck is changing from being almost civilized back to his old uncivilized cussing sloppy dirty ways. Pap is changing him for the worse, although he thinks he is just getting his son back because he doesn't want Huck to grow up thinking he is better than him.

Huck goes from learning how to be civil and going to school and sleeping in a house back to his old uncivil self living in the woods and not caring about schoolwork. Huck develops somewhat of a bond with his father over the few months he was with him in his cabin. He still looks up to Tom Sawyer, thinking as he planned out his fake death that Tom could have done it better.

Episode 2 of Huckleberry Finn takes place in Widow Douglas' house and Pap's cabin.

Pap: Huck's father who kidnaps him to live with him in his cabin. He is a heavy alcoholic living in rags in the woods and may have started drinking after Huck's mother, his wife, died. Pap never really tried to have a father-son relationship with Huck, but they somewhat bond throughout their time in the woods together.

Huck's Evolution:

Essential Questions:1) Do your parents always know what is best for you?2) Is civilization necessary?



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