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Stop Smoking poster

Smoking has been around for thousands of years. People are not sure why they started to smoke and chew tobcacco, but it has been a big money maker for America. In 1865 a man named Washington Duke, from North Caronlia created cigarettes. These cigaretts were mainly used by soilders in the Civil War. The cigarette become wide spread in 1881 when James Bonsack created the cigarette-making machine

Stop Smoking

What is it?

In Florida our enviornment is very precious to us yet we still find a way to pollute it. One big factor in out pollution is smoking. Many smokers leave there cigarette butts everywhere. They even leave them at the beach which can be washed into the water and sea creachers can eat them. I think we should make a bigger effort in helping stop this pollution also I believe we should try to stop smoking. It is not only unhealthy for the person smoking but also for the people and animals around them.


Smoking is BAD!


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We should teach kids about the risks of smoking. Also seeking help to stop smoking will help your health and the people around you. We should all set an example for the people around us. This video below is moving in that way.

Glog by: E.Bedos

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Symptoms of smoking chest painshortness of breathpersistent coughcoughing up bloodfrequent colds and upper respiratory infectionspersistent hoarsenessdifficulty or pain on swallowingchange in exercise capacitysudden weakness on one side of the face or body; or difficulty speakingleg pain while walking that goes away when at restunexplained weight losspersistent abdominal painblood in the urine


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