Stop Cellphones While Driving

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Stop Cellphones While Driving

Distracting!!! Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 100-Car Study indicated that if a driver takes their eyes off of the road for more than two seconds, it will greatly increases the risk of a crash. Those who have used their cellphones drove an average of 2 miles per hour slower, but other drivers get mad and driver faster past. This can make the car accidents go up. Many studies have shown that the level of distraction has more to do with the intensity of the conversation and not whether the phone is hand-held or hands-free. An in-depth conversation that requires a good deal of thought causes a higher level of distraction than a relatively short type of call.

Should Phones Be Illegal to Use While Driving?

People shouldn't use their phones while driving! because they are extremely distracting, hand free devices aren't safer than phones, and banning them will stop accidents.

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Car Accidents Also some studies have calculated that car accidents associated with phone use has accounted for about 300 deaths per year. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey reports that 44 percent of drivers have a cell phone with them while driving. 27% Americans said they have texted while driving. 61% Americans said they have been calling someone while driving. Car insurance companies can classify drivers who use cell phones in higher-risk groups and charge them higher premiums.

Counter ArgumentSome people say we should be able to use our phones while driving or at least a hand free device to reach people. As I would say people shouldn’t be able to use their phones, for it is distracting and very dangerous. Not only for yourself, but for the people around you. Even though, you're not holding the device in your hand it is still distracting. Studies show that how ever intense the conversation gets the more distracting it is. First of all, it won’t give a better performance because you are more focused on getting all of your words right than actually driving. Although, you are using your phone and it was an emergence, it could cause an emergence with you and another person. While on the phone, you could get horrible news and speed up or even lose control of the car. It would just be safe for you to hear the news when you aren't driving.

Hand Free DevicesMany studies have shown that the level of intensity in the conversation and not whether the phone is hand-held or hands-free. Studies show that voice apps and hands free devices are no more safer than being on the cell phone. Ultimately, the studies show that talking on a cellphone provides the equivalent impairment of having a blood alcohol level of 0.08%. Together with the intensity of the conversation, cellphone use is becoming a major cause of road crashes and fatalities. Texting while driving raises this level of risk exponentially.

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