Stop Bullying

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Stop Bullying


1.- Speak with people of your family or an adult person, for example your teachers.At first it will be difficult but you should tell them your problems and who is hurting you without scare.

2.- If you are at the moment when someone is trying to hurt or bully you, you must look him and tell him to stop in a calm and clear voice.

3.- Never use the violence because this is not the way to solve your problems.Only with words and actions you can win the bullying.

4.- You must be strong and you have to try that the bullies think you aren´t a victim and you will "fight" against them.

How Can We Stop It?

Types Of Bullying

Bullying can be classified into four types: -.Physical: hitting, punching or kicking also it includes damaging property. -.Verbal: name-calling or taunting against student it also includes homophobic or racist remarks. -.Social & emotional: also called “relational bullying” , it includes behavioural actions designed to harm a child´s reputation or cause humiliation. -.Cyber-bullying: the use of electronic means to harm others. It includes taunting or humiliation through social media sites or the Internet, humiliating others while playing online games, verbal or emotional bullying through chat room.

Why Do Bullies Bully?

Bullying is physical or psychological harassment of a student over his/her mates.. They use force, threat or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate students. The behavior is common and habitual.

In agreement with KidsHealth´s website the target of some bullies is the attention. They could think bullying is a way to be popular. So, when they pick on someone else it can make them feel big and powerful. Sometimes the bullies only copy what they see in house. When get angry theythink calling names and hitting is the solution. The bullies often prefer pick on someone they think they can have power over. For example kids who get upset easily or who have trouble sticking up for themselves. However somebullies simply pick on a kid for no reason at all.

What Is Bullying?

Is It Bullying A Cultural Phenomenon?

According to Scientific American´s website the response is that bullying is widespread around the world and it is present in all societies.A multinational study that spanned 28 countriesrevealed that despite the variation in the amount of bullying, there were no countries where bullying was completely absent. The universality of bullying across human societies indicates that this is a species-typical human behavior that has little to do with the cultures people live in. Bullying, is part of the human condition.


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