Stop Bullying

by JENelson
Last updated 8 years ago

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Stop Bullying

Stop Bullying!

Bullying is not cool, it hurts too many people, and takes too many lives. If you get bullied, tell an adult. If some one does not stop, get help, and try to stay away from them.

Stand Up! If you see someone getting bullied, get an adult, and try standing up to the bully. If you get bullied, try working the problem out with an adult and the bully.

If you see something, do something! If you get bullied, do not get physical, even if the bully tries to hurt you, just stay out of trouble.

Do not change what you do no matter what a bully says, just be who you are and say what you feel.

Do not be this person!

Be this instead!

Do not bully. Do not pick on someone because they are smaller than you, or if you just want to look powerful.



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