Stonewall Jackson

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Stonewall Jackson

Stonewall JacksonStonewall Jackson

Stonewall had death in his life at the begginig and had it through out the rest of his life. In the beginning of his life his mother had died of sickness and sent her kids to a relative. eventually most of his siblings had died of sickness. The relative had sent him to West Point. He grew up to with death as his career. He eventuallied married and had both his wives die. One of them was pregnant. He eventually died of getting shot by his own men.

Stonewall had failed at normal school but when he hit west point he excelled and went right from there to the confederate army, leading a group of men i Mexico. He eventually left because he and the overall genreal had a fall out. The fallout was about a rumor stonewall spread around. He ended teaching for awhile and went back to the army.

Stonewall jackson got his nickname from the battle of bull run. he got his nickname because the confederates were losing badly at the beginning. Stonewall had stayed at the top of this hill and waited until the right time to charge and help. When he did cahrge he was like a stonewall, he had pushed the union back with ease. thats how he got his nickname.

Stonewall was a very respected general. He had single handly saved the confederates in the war. If it was not for him the confederates would have lost the war alot faster than they did. He was respected all the way to the point where he was shot by his own men.

In coclusion genearl stonewall jackson had a the worst life anyone could ever have. He had lost his mother at a young age. Then he lost the rest of his family later in life. He had a hard time in school also. But things started to turn around when he was sent toi west point. He entually became married. He was married twice and both times had lost them to sickness. Then he started to get sick. He was sick going into the battle of chancelorsville and his life ended getting shot by his own men.

This project is about one of the best war generals who could have ever lived. That person is Stonewall Jackson. He fought for the confederates. In this prject you well learn how he got his nickname and what kind of life he lived.


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