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30 stones from a quarry 25 miles away were set up in a circle. 5 trilithons were set up in a horseshoe shape.

I wonder how the stones were brought there....

Did you know that there were 6 different designs of Stonehenge

There is no visible evidence of phrase 2. Scientists believe that some sort of timber structure was built inside the ditch. During this period Stonehenge was used as burial ground.

The builders could have built a double ring cosisting of 80 stones, but only 43 remain. Some of the stones came as far away as 150 miles and weighed as much as 4 tons. The heelstone may have been put in place during this period. An entrance was also set up.


3100 B.C: Stonehenge 1

The 1st version of Stonehenge was a circular ditch with Late Late CretaceousChalk. The people who build Stonehenge buried deer and oxen in the ditches and used it for mid-winter and mid-summer festivals. If there were stones at this first phrase (scientists do not know yet), Stonehenge would be the oldest stone structure.

3000 B.C: Stonehenge 2

2600 B.C: Stonehenge 3 I

2600 B.C to 2400 B.C: Stonehedge II

This is a trilithon.

Stonehenge IV and V: 2280 B.C to 1600 B.C.

In phrase IV,the builders built another circle of stones, but was torn down in V.

Here is Stonehenge Today:

Link to Video:


The circle was aligned with the midsummer sunrise, the midwinter sunset, and the most southerly rising and northerly setting of the moon.

Stonehenge is located on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England - about 137 kilometers Southwest of London.

The stones of Stonehenge were placed in such a way that they increase in size towards the centre and alternate in shape between tall, thin pillar-like stones and stones of a tapering obelisk shape

2600 B.C: Stonehenge 3 I


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