[2014] Enis McCallum: Stonehenge

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[2014] Enis McCallum: Stonehenge

Did You Know? - ... Stonehenge was constructed in three ways. It had been estimated it took around three years to build it. - ... It's biggest stones are up to 9 metres high, weighing about 25 tones on avarage.


Stonehenge from the side

The believed original structure

Stonehenge's BackgroundIt was built in six stages between 300BC and 1520 BCE. It's stones are built from a type of sand stone called Sarson stone.The rocks were taken from a place called Craig-Rhos Felin and it is said that, it was composed about 5,000 years ago.

A birds eye view

Theories about StonehengeThere are many strange theories abot Stonehenge that has puzzeled many archeaologists. In 1655, it was argued that it was a Roman temple for Cealus, Inigo Jones. Thousands of years ago, an ancient civilization claimed they raised a circle of huge square stones in a flat landscape in Sailsbury, Wiltshire. Theories, say it has been there since the middle ages (12th Century), crediting the amazing wizard Merlin with constructing the beautiful stonehenge.

Stonehenge was believed to be a temple, in the Roman era.

The Methods were used to find out aboutStonehengeArcheaologists have found many methods to find out about strange mysteries around the world, including Stonehenge.Historians draw conclusions and then examine historical evidence, so they can answer questions about my mystery, Stonehenge. Archeaologists use many methods to help them understand the questions about the past.


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