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Stone Fox

Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner

About the AuthorJohn Reynolds Gardiner earned his masters degree and he was a good engineer before he became an author. He has written two books in his life: Top Secret and Stone Fox. John Reynolds Gardiner got the idea for his story from a Rocky Mountain legend told to him in a café in Idaho

The genre of this book is realistic fiction.

My book takes place mostly at the grand father's house in Wyoming and it is winter.

The protagonist is Little Willy. He lives on the potatow farm with his grandfather because his parents have past away. He has a dog named searchlight

The conflict was that grand father couldn't pay his tax bills and the tax collector is going to take away his farm if he doesn't pay the bills.

The mood of this book is sad.

I would recommend this book to a kid that likes racing and animals.

The theme of my book is about the love of an owner for his pet.

“Is she dead, Mr. Stone Fox? Is she dead?” little Willy asked, looking up at Stone Fox with his one good eye.”

Little Willy joins a dog sled race to win money so he can pay the grandfather's debt

the antagonist is Stone fox. He is trying to win the money to pay so he can buy back his land. He is a legendary Indian. He is a dog sled racer.


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