Stone Fox

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Stone Fox

Stone FoxJohn Reynolds Gardiner

The story takes place in Wyoming

These are the types of dogs Stone Fox uses for the race. The breed is Saymoyeds.

Stone Fox was part of the Shoshone tribe. The reason Stone Fox refused to talk to white men was because of the treament his tribe received.

A modern day dog sled race in Jackson, Wyoming

SUMMARY Little Willy and his Grandfather always seemed to be happy and have fun times, when Little Willy’s grandfather unexpectedly became extremely sick, Willy had to find a way to help him. He took care of the farm and harvested the potatoes in hopes that Grandfather would recover once he knew the farm was all right, but Grandfather still remained sick. Once Little Willy found out that Grandfather owed a bunch of money to the government, he knew he had to find some way to pay it back so Grandfather would actually get better. After he saw a flyer for a sled race with the winning prize of $500, he knew he had to enter his dog, Searchlight. People laughed at Little Willy for entering the sled race, especially once the well-known Native American, Stone Fox, who had never lost a race, entered as well. Despite this, Willy refused to drop out of the race. When it came time for the race, Willy took a strong lead. As he passed by his Grandfather’s farm during the race, he saw Grandfather standing in the window, which was even more motivation for him to keep pushing forward. Slowly, but steadily, Stone Fox caught up to Little Willy and Searchlight. When they were nearly 100 feet from the finish line, Searchlight’s heart burst and she died immediately. Stone Fox stopped his sled next to Little Willy, drew a line in the snow, and pulled out his rifle. When the other competitors came charging through, Snow Fox threatened to shoot them if they crossed that line. Willy picked up Searchlight and carried her across the finish line.

Because they didn't have a horse, Willy used Searchlight to help plow the fields.

Stone Fox and his people were forced out of Utah onto a reservation with the Arapaho Indians

Stone Fox stands with his rifle as Little Willy carries Searchlight across the finish line in order to finish the race.


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