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Interesting Facts

Introduction Stomatopoda are commonly known as mantis shrimp. Their fossils date back 400 million years.

Colours are variable: green, brown, cream, meral spot white. Black markings on dorsal sixth thoracic and first abdominal segments

Mottled burnt orange body with pink or purple uropod exopods and setae; eyes brown; raptorial propodus and dactyl pale yellow and white; antennae white. Strongly bilobed eyes with only three rows in the mid-band; rostral plate long and pointed; raptorial propodus broad, dactyl with three spines, hatchet-shaped heel

Pseudosquillopsis marmorata

Colour is variable; cream and white on sand; green or brown mottle on reef flat, white meral spot. Flat telson with three bosses; small iridescent blue spots on body, blue patches on 1st maxillipeds; long yellow and red striped antennules

Haptosquilla trispinosa

Gonodactylus childi

Transverse reddish brown and cream stripes, antennal scales cream with reddish brown patches in center, setae on maxillipeds and walking legs orange, meral spot white, telson with dark brown median and submedian patches. Bilobed eyes with white spots, raptorial appendage dactyl with 9–10 teeth, unusual reddish brown color

Lysiosquillina lisa

colour is variable; green, brown, cream, solid to mottled; meral spot purple (darker in males). Purple meral spot; females with small black dots over body

Neogonodactylus oerstedii

Milky transparent with white spots and lines. 6 teeth on raptorial dactyl, 2 lobes between the terminal spines of the uropodal protopod, margins and carinae of the primary teeth of the telson inflated in mature males.

Alima pacifica

Body green or brown with broad white band running across the carapace and extending over the raptorial merus and a second white band running across the 6th abdominal tergite and uropods; body often covered with small white spots. Bilobed white eyes with two vertical black stripes; dorsal surface of telson covered with fine hooks similar to Velcro. In the field, the entire surface of the telson is covered with detritus. The animal often sits with its camouflaged telson plugging the burrow entrance

Chorisquilla tweediei

Sexually color dimorphic; males dark green with blue antennal scales, pleopods and uropods; females light green, yellow or orange with yellow and red on their antennal scales, pleopods and uropods; meral spot orange. Orange meral spot; no median carinule (arrow) on sixth abdominal segment

Gonodactylaceus glabrous

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