Stolen, by Lucy Christopher

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Stolen, by Lucy Christopher

Book report

Genna Toombs is sixteen and from England. She lives with her parents, although they rarely agree. While Genna is travelling with her parents she is kidnapped from the airport.Tyler "Ty" McFarlane is twenty-four years old. Born and raised in the austrailian outback, Ty has learned how to live off the land.

Stolen: A Letter to my CaptorBy Lucy Christopher

Character and setting

What happened first

Genna goes into a coffee shop in the airport, that is where she and Ty met.Ty then offers her a coffe that he had laced with a drug, Genna hesistantly accepts.As Genna slips into a disorienteted state, Ty outfits her in a black dress and a black wig, and boards himself on a pane with Genna in tow.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

As Ty and Genna reach the outback, Ty explains to Genna how he fell in love with her years ago and built a house for the two of them to live out their days in. Throughout the story Genna is repeatedly trying to escape, however Genna is slowly seeing a different side of Ty, she begins to see him as Ty and not just her kidnapper.

On her way to find Ty, Genna is bit by a snake. The anti-venom Ty has has expired. Genna is then rushed to civilization by Ty. When they reach a hospitable Ty is arrested and Genna is given medical attention. Genna's feelings are mixed, she believes that she is in love with Ty, but her parents and her medical advisors are telling her that she has a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

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“And it's hard to hate someone once you understand them.” ― Lucy Christopher, Stolen“The people we care for aren't always the one we should” ― Lucy Christopher, Stolen

This book in my opinion is one of the greattest I have ever read. Lucy Christopher made me and whoever else has read this book expierence what it is like to have Stockholm Syndrome.


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