Stock Market Crashes

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Stock Market Crashes

Crash of 1929

Crash of 2007

Simililarities:*Crashes were due to stock prices reaching peak*Panic selling occurred*Debt (a.k.a buying on margin, loans, etc.) was a big factor

Differences:*Crash of 1987 was NOT followed by a recession or depression*Crash of 2007 was due to a housing boom*Buying on margin was a huge factor in 1929


The Stock Market Crashes of 1929, 1987 and 2007

Crash of 1987

What the Feds Did:*1929: Installed regulations covering buying stocks on margin and the roles of banks*1987: To prevent a depression they prevented the insolvency or inability to pay debts of commercial and investment banks*2007: Lowered interest rates in an attempt to encourage additional spending in the economy by reducing borrowing costs


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