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What I Learned on the Field Trip...

Our Visit to Historic St. Mary's City

Q1. Describe three facts about the colonist's journey to St. Mary City from England

Q2. Describe three facts about the Eastern Woodland Indians that lived in the area when the settler's arrived.

Q3. What was life like for an Indentured Servant? Why would they give up five years of their freedom to come to St. Mary's City?

Q4. What are the "Three Sisters" and why are they so important to the Yacomacoa's? Explain.

Q5. Why is it called a "Printing Press"? Why was it important to have this in St. Mary's City?

Choose three index cards and answer them in your glog

Q6. Where did traveler's stay when they visited St. Mary's City. Describe at least three examples of how where they stayed differs from where you stay when you go on vacation now?

Q7. Name five interesting new things you learned on the fieldtrip. Why are these things interesting to you?


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