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Amphetamine:-come in pills, powder, and chunky crystals-can be swallowed, snorted up the nose, smoked or injected-other names are crystals, ice, glass, crank, speed, and upperShort term effects- uneven heartbeat, rise in blood pressure, extreme weight loss, the feelings of exitement or anxiety, and loss of physical strengthLong term effects- stroke, heart attack, addiction, physical collapse, and death

Methamphetamine:-come in pills, powder, and crystals-can be swallowed, snorted up the nose, smoked or injected-produced in illegal labrotories-other names are meth, crank, speed and iceShort term effects-addiction, the feeling of confidence and full of energy, unpredictable behavior, users often binge without food or sleep for a few days, and the inapibility of feeling any pleasure without the drugLong term effects-memory loss, damage to heart, damage to nervous system, seizures, and death

Cocaine:_comes in white powder-can be snorted up the nose or injected-other names are coke, dust, snow, flake, blow, and girlShort term effects- violents and unpredictable behavior, damage to nose lining, high addiction, can form immunity, can make somebody feel confidentLong term effects-ranges in blood pressure, seizures, extreme addiction, heart attack, and death

Crack:-comes in powder or "rocks"-can be smoked or injected-other names are base, rocks, crumbs, and ice cubesShort term effects-intense depression, mood swings, cravings, muscle spasms, and increased heart rateLong term effects-heart attack, stroke, seizure, respiratory failure, and death

a drug that speeds up the human brain and spinal cord


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