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Definition - a drug that increases you energy levels, both mentally and physically.Street Names:Bennies, Black Beauties, Cat, Coke, Crank, Crystal, Flake, Ice, Pellets, R-Ball, Skippy, Snow, Speed, Uppers, Vitamin R


Legal Stimulants:CaffineNicotine

Medical Stimulants:Ephedrine (asthma)Amphetamine (many variations, ADHD)

Illegal Stimulants:MethCocaineCrack

Mental/Emotional Effects:"...sense of exhilaration, enhance self esteem, improve mental and physical performance, increase activity, reduce appetite, extend wakefulness for prolonged period, and “get high.”High-dose use is frequently associated with agitation, hostility, panic, aggression, and suicidal or homicidal tendencies." (DEA 1)

Physical EffectsIt takes away mental/physical fatigue. It also causes dizziness, tremors, headache, flushed skin, chest pain with palpitations, excessive sweating, vommiting, and abdominal cramps.

Social Effects:Stimulants demolish your ambishtions and proper thought process. It makes you do things you wouldn't normally do or do in split second decisions. Its not only hurts yourself, but the people around you.

Withdrawls:Physically and mentally it will make you feel like you need the drug to functions. You will do anything possible to obtain the drugs, Psycholigical you will gain a deep addiction to the drug making the mental and physical effects worse.

Legal IssuesUsing illicit drugs can cause a lot of legal issues. One of the most talked about legal issues with drugs is driving under the influence. This doesn't always mean alcohol. Driving under the infulence of drugs is just as bad, maybe worse. Drugs, especially stimulants, cause you to lose control of your ambitions and it shuts down your brain.

Medical Use of StimulantsStimulant medicines with amphetamine, such as Adderall, that are used for the treatment of ADHD are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for children age 3 and older

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