Stickler Syndrome

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Stickler Syndrome


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Stickler Involved People (SIP): U.S. support group

Graham's Story

So, what is it?

- Genetic disorder inherited as a dominant trait- Can cause serious vision, hearing and joint problems-Often diagnosed during childhood

Possible Characteristics:Prominent eyes, cleft palette small nose, receding chin, bone abnormalities (usually in the ankles, knees, & wrists), detachment of the retina, restricted movement of tongue, form of glaucoma may occur, and stiffness of joints.

Believed to be the most common syndrome in the US & Europe--but one of the rarest to be diagnosed1 in 10,000 people have this disorder, only a fraction of them KNOW IT

During childhood...-May experience stiffness & soreness after strenuous exercise.-Swelling, redness & a feeling of heat-Incomplete dislocation of the hips

There is currently no cure, but treatments can help control symptoms and prevent complications. Surgery may be needed for some of the physical abnormalities that are caused by this syndrome.

Professionals involved in treatment...Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, craniofacial surgeons, ear/nose/ throat specialists, opthalmologists, audiologists, and rheumatologists

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  • tombik4fn 7 years ago

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    Looks like an actual PSA good use of picture, good information, and I learned something from your PSA. I liked the arrow to Graham's story. I only thing that was distracting was the video with the star. Overall a great Glog. Tom Morris

  • arenz516 7 years ago

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    One of the best I have seen so far, really like the support group info, very easy to read and educational!

  • Iakhovas 7 years ago

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    You clearly laid out information, and your links were also informative. very professional looking, Good Job!

  • Cheekka 7 years ago

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    I am really impressed with your glog! Great information, I had never heard of this before and due to all of your research I now have learned something new! Great Job!!

  • JayMay14 7 years ago

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    I really like your layout of your glog! it is very eye catching, I was very impressed with your information and your pictures.

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