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What is an STI? An STI is a Sexually Transmitted Infection it can be passed though any sexual activity. Such as vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex. And also bodily fluids. STI’s effect both men and women.

HIVHIV is a virus that attacks and weakens the immune system it leaves you vulnerable to sicknesses. A person with HIV may not even know they have it symptoms may not even show till years later . HIV can be transmitted by unprotected sex, sharing needles and bodily fluids. If it is left untreated it may lead to AIDS and both men and women can be infected by HIV/AIDs. You cannot catch an STI by hugging , kissing , holding hands with someone.

SYMPTOMSMost people may not show symptoms of HIV and sometimes it cannot be detected till years later.Some people may even be unaware they even have HIV.

HELPThere are always clinics and health centers for you to go to and get tested .

3 WAYS TO PREVENT GETTING AN STI*The number 1prevention of STI’s and pregnancy is using a condom*Only have one partner instead of many that you are in a sexual relationship with and make sure to know about their sexual activity it’ll lower the risk of you getting an STI *Do not heavily drink before having sex or take any drugs because you are unaware of what's happening

SYMPTOMS FOR WOMEN*Fever*Swollen Lymph Nodes*Muscle soreness*Rapid Weight Loss

SYMPTOMS FOR MEN*Mouth or genitial ulcers*Nausea, Vomititng and diarrhea*Chronic chills and night sweats*Rapid weight loss

TREATMENTSThere is no cure for HIV but there is a main treatment for HIV it is called HIV antiretrovial drug. It doesn't cure someone but prevents them form becoming ill for many years. The aim of the treatment is to keep the HIV in the body at low levels but the treatment consist of drugs that must be taken for the rest of that persons life.

PARRAMATTA SEXUAL HEALTH CLINIC162 Marsden StreetParramatta 2150(02) 9382 7440


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