Stevie Wonder

by JENelson
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Stevie Wonder

Hi, I'm Stephen, Stevie Wonder is my project name. Some of my friends and I made a website called Make Sports Safer, an interesting website all about sports, and making them safer.

First, the other kids working on the website, ( Josh M. and Max H.) and I had to get help on starting the website from one of the people in our school that is used to help kids with any type of thing on the computer in the computer lab or sometimes in classrooms.

After we got help, we all got to work on it pretty quickly. We all came up up with different pages for the website.

Some of the pages include, a gallery page of all the custom equipment (I liked it the best) and, there is a different page that I liked the 2nd best that had 4 or 5 stories about injuries. We even made a page where you can take a short quiz.

My friends and I had a great time making this website. I was surprised that I could do all this. There was alot of steps but it was all worth it. I might want to make another website someday too.



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