Steven's Reserch on Sacagawea's backround

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Steven's Reserch on Sacagawea's backround

The Life ofSacagawea

Lewis and Clark


1.) Indigenous commuties and enviorments they maintain are increasly under assult from mining,dam,logging,indigous people top 200 hundred areas with the highest and 95% are indigeous territories.

2.) The American are dominant is a culture that is the most powerful wide spred,or influential within a social or political entity the lemish shoshone indian are indigenous.

3.) Lewis and Clark need translater so they can understand what the tribes do for a living and how did the Native American come as a culture and learn their campsites and more tribes.

4.) In 1905,nearly one hundred years after their first contact with the white man the lemish shoshone began their ''Trail or Tear'' being focibly removed from their ancestral homelands to their newly ''Apponited home''.

6.) No, because if brazil tribes were reconised as the owners of their land,it would give them some real protection against the individuals and businesses and take over their land.

5.) It's has been 512 years since europeans arrived in brazil and started to take land from the brazilan idianins and aslo invaded by miners,setters and aslo being killed by disasesor or racistism.


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