steven's class 207

by StevenMontero
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steven's class 207

ps.28's school it almost the end of school year we needed 5 more days of ps.28's last more day for ps.28!!!!

It's the end of the school and every one is happy about the end of the school year and some people will miss every thing that that they lean and love.The school did evey thing for the kids even the little one's will be happy to get out of school.

Now history and science are finish with the 7 grade but not 8 Mr.od had to work on the 8 grader's so 7 grade or finish.

Now there is math.I know a person that really loves math and he will miss it now there is no homework but in some class there is home work with no break so at the end of the day they will have no home work.

Now in ps.28 kids wii go on there homes and study,play with friends and play there little i pods and Xbox 360 like me the kid of ps.28 will miss every thing in school!!!!


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