Steven Zembruski- presentation

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Steven Zembruski- presentation

Steven Zembruski Rocket and Lie Detector

Liz B- Traffic Lights and Lie detectors the old trsffic light went in circles. The lie detector took the pulse out of your hand.

Caroline T- Fashion if the charlston wasnt invented then we would still have the same fasion now as the old days

Allie O- Bessie Smith in 1912 she joined a traveling show and became really famous by singing song. In 1937 she died from a car accident.

Francesca F- Dance the waltz and the tango changed dance during the war. This is where ballay started

Mansur W- Al Capone he made illegal bootlegging of several bear and he also loane money. He generated about 100,000,000 a year. He was a notourious gangster who bribed officals to make his life better.

Kyle G- Louis Armstrong he invented many famous songs like when the saintts go marching in and what a wonderful world. His music is still well known today.

Johny I- Gangst3rs first orginized crime of work. hey used knives and brass knuckles and tommy guns

Molly R- Charles Sheeler and Pablo Picasso impacted art and was the co-founder of cubism a form of art and inspired art even today h.arls sheeler made dumps into somethingreat.

Kaylee S- Robert Frost he was a famous author i the 1920s he wrote famous poems he went to harvord he wrote poem to John F Kennedy called The Road Not Taken. He influeced future poets.

Lily S- Ella Fitzgerald he was really good at singing jazz. On of hr moost famous songs was A tisketA tasket. She worked with Lois Armstrong. She impacted the fature by inspiring kids that they can sing great too.

Cole M- Prohibition it prevente people from drinking or selling acohol. Gangst3rs started to bootleg alcohol and they would make alot of money off of it such as Al Capone. Bootleggers and Moonshiners are the same thing just different names.

Chance M- Babe Ruth was the greatest player ever e set records for the sox and the yankees he was the greatest player ever.

Davey H- Scott Joplin He made two songs that everyone loved in the 1920s he impacted music forever. He has a musical influence.

Olivia G- Herbert Hoover born on August 10 1920 he ran again in 1932.

Hannah O- Henry Ford he in.vented the Model T and the Assembly line, he was the head engineer he could only produce a car a day but then he could produce a car every hour and a half with his assembly line. Ford still exists also he changed all of the parts for cars and it is the most poular travel now.

Zach G-

Sig S- FBI gangsters and crime and Prohibition was big back then so the FBI was important. The FBI train every week and workas hard as they can so they can be ready for the actuall situation.

John S- Langston Hughes was a poet that influenced poets and he wrote plays, autobiographies, poems and many more. He was a great influence to afrian americans at this time. he died on may 22 1967 at the age of 65.

Jack D- Ku Klux Klan one of the most popular terrorist attacks and is still now.



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