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Steven Spielberg

Fact: Steven Spielberg made lots of movies, which made him very popular. He got a lot of attention.Fortunately:Steven got lots of attention, so lots of people started to know and appreciate him for his amazing movies.Unfortunately: Since Steven got so much attention, not all of it wsa good. Some people did not like him, and said rude things about him, that could really stress him out even more.

Fact:Steven Spielberg made movies all the time, and he was almost always working on one.Fortunately:Steven Spielberg used his time wisely, and got movies done quicker than if he would'vebeen lazy, and not work on them everyday.Unfortunately:Sometimes, since Steven Spielberg was working all the time, he sometimes got very stressed out and tired.

Steven Spielberg Recording

Fact: Steven Spielberg had a very big imagination when he was a kid, and loved to day dream about things.Fortunately:He was very successful when he grew up, and his great imagination helped him make movies great.Unfortunately: When he was in school, since he had a big imagination, he would often day dream during class and get in trouble or get bad grades.

Steven with E.T.


Fact:Steven Spielberg and one of his best friends like to go to Hawaii and build a big sandcastle for good luck on their new movie.Fortunately:Sometimes, the sandcastle does bring good luck, and the movie that thay made did turn out to be a very successful one.Unfortunately:Sometimes, the sandcastle doesn't bring good luck, and the movie that they made does not turrn out to be as good as they thought it would be.

6 of Steven Spielberg's movies

Fact: Steven Spielberg liiked to make make movies when he was a kid, too. He would film his mother pouring a bottle of juice into a glass, and turn it into a movie.Fortunately: Since Steven made movies when he was a kid, he had a very successful life when he got older and made lots of money.Unfortunately:Kids from his school teased him and thought he was weird because he didn't do some of the things that normal kids would do.



Steven Spielberg Creator of E.T. By Ashlyn Hess


Fact: Steven Spielberg loves kids very much, so he loves to go and talk to them to encourage them to be like him.Fortunately:Sometimes, the kids do look up to him, and they decide to be a producer or film-writer like him, and have a very successful life.Unfortunately:Sometimes, the kids do not look up to him, and they end up having a bad life, and are not very successful in school, or their jobs.


Fun FactsSteven Spielberg hated coffee when he was a child.While Steven was making the movie E.T., he ran away to Hawaii because he thought the movie would turn out to be bad. Instead, when he got back, the movie was very popular because the rest of his crew finished it for him.Steven cast his down dog in some of his movies, such as Jaws.Steven Spielberg has produced 129 movies!Steven shares the same birthday with many other celebrities, such as Christina Aguilera, Brad Pitt, and many others.


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    I like how you put 6 of his movies.

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    i like the color coordination on your glog. You put a lot of facts which is good, but some of your words are misspelled. You can fix that though.