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Steven Robert Irwin

Steve Irwin

Steven Robert Irwin, or Steve Irwin, was born to Lyn and Bob Irwin. In Melbourne, Victoria the 22nd of February, 1962.When Steve was about 6 years of age he, his folks and his 2 sisters moved to Beerwah in Queensland. Then in 1970 Steve's parents opened up the Beerwah Reptile Fauna Park.

As Steve grew older he showed great interest in all animals, but mostly reptiles. Steve caught his first venomous snake (a common brown) at the age of 6. Steve was often late for school as he convinced his mother to pull over so he could make sure all lizards where off the road.

Not all snakes are friendly and Steve found that out the hard way.

By the time he was nine years old, he was helping his dad catch small crocodiles. The crocodiles would hang around the boat ramps and Steve would jump on them in the water and wrestle them back and forth. By learning this skill Steve became a great crocodile catcher.

In 1991 Steve took over managing Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park and met Terri Raines, a visiting tourist, on the 6th of October. Steve and Terri were married in Eugene, Oregon, on the 4th June 1992 at the Methodist Church where Terri's grandmother used to attend. How sweet. Instead of a honeymoon, the couple decided on filming a wildlife documentary with John Stainton from the 'Best Picture Show' company. The show was so successful it turned into a series and the Crocodile Hunter was born. Steve being the Crocodile Hunter.

After Steve's parents retired in 1992 Steve worked tirelessly to improve and expand his wildlife park. In 1998 Steve renamed it Australia Zoo. Steve's vision for the worlds best Zoo was in his grasp. In July 2006 Steve set out his ten year business plan for his beloved zoo. He couldn't know he would be gone just two months later, but he believed his work would go on. His two beautiful children and his wife will make sure it does.

Steve had 2 children, Bindi and Robert. They spent most of their lives like their father. Helping take care of the worlds most beautiful animals.

Steve Irwin is famous for his love and care that went towards the animals. He gave his life to helping them. Steve Irwin was 40 and still had a lot of work to do before he died. But now it's up to Terri, Bindi and Robert.

Where you paying attention?Q.How many animals did you see?A. thirteen

By Amy Janssen


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