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Steve Reich

Steve Reich

Top Left: Proverb 1995top Right: Music for Eighteen 1974Bottom Left: Nagoya Marimba 1996

Time LineBorn: October 3rd 1936School: Graduated from Cornell with a major in philosophy in 1957Juilliard: 1958-1961Mills College:1961-19631965: It's gunna rain1967: Piano Phase1971: drumming1972:Clapping Music1974: Music for 18 musicians1988: Different Trains1993: The Cave2009: Recieved Pulitzer Prize for Music

Steve Reich was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century and is still producing marvelous works of art now in the 21st. His music is often called 'Minimalism', which is a style of Avante garde Classical music that Reich pioneered. The style is characterized by rhythmic rigor, repition of rhythms, and a pulsing, hypnotic effect.


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