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Steve Jobs

Money Worth

Steve Jobs1955-2011

One of jobs obstacles was when he hired Sculley because later on Sculley tried firing him and it worked. Another obstacle for Jobs was when he was with out a job for 10 years. Also many object failures for example, Apple III, and the power mac g4 cube.

With a estimate of 78,909,091 shares of apple. Steve Jobs was worth 36.1 billion before his death.

Everything started in 1975 when Jobs opened a small store with Wozniak after establishing Apple, Jobs had to resign because there was too much competition and they had no ideas. After nearly 10 years of Jobs resignation, with his new NeXT Computer Co Jobs had hit it big.After Jobs had joined Pixar, Apple bought the NeXT Computer Co and Jobs was back with Apple and now the board of director, he made a deal with micosoft to ensure his companies survival after a decade Jobs came up with Ipod, Apple Itunes, Iphone, and Ipad. In 2011 Jobs had surgery to get rid of cancerous tumor and durung that year he resign from Apple in October Seve Jobs passed away.

*Jobs was a vegetarian.*He was once homeless.*He drove his Mercedes Benz. with out a license plate.

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