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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs1955-2010Born in San Francisco, CA

Steve was adopted when he was born because his parents weren't able to take care of him.Growing up with his new dad, Steve and him would go to the junkyard and find technologic waste, bring it home, and make something new. You'd think that Steve was a bookworm at school, but he wasn't.Steve's parents wouldn't go one week without being called to talk to the principal.But at the end of the year, Steve took an accumulative test by a new teacher and his scores were high school level so he skipped a grade.

The current and iconic Apple symbol

Steve proudly holding an iPhone

In 1971, Steve met Woz another tech junkie. In Woz's garage, there was alot of high tech findings. They worked together to make something called the Blue Box, an item that allows you to make free calls around the world. When Steve was done with school, he went to Reed College, but dropped after one semester because he thought it was useless. But he was inspired by his roommate Dan who was into eating fruits and vegetables only, and buddhism. Steve got into it too.

Steve was into buddhism so much that he went to India to meet a guru. When Steve came back from the airport, his parents barely noticed him.

A video on the evolution of Apple products

When Steve came back from his trip from India, he saw Woz's latest project. A computer that you were able to type on and it appears on the screen. It made history. Steve was staring into the future thinking about company names like "Matrix", or "Executek. But instead, Woz thought of Steve's veggie diet and thought of "Apple". It was final' and in April 1, 1976, the contracts were signed and Apple was born. Steve and Woz showcased their new computer. They were given a deal by Byte Shop- one of the world's first personal computer retailers. They were given $500 for each delivery they had. About 150 computers were sold by the end of the year, and it was time for the next step in the evolution of Apple.

Did you know?Steve's co workers hated him due to him not taking showers and being completely mean to them.

Steve and Woz finally completed the Apple ll. It was a computer that had color graphics and a built in case keyboard. The new computer was shown to a young investor named Mike Markkula on the lookout for a venture. He invested in them. Working in a garage, Steve paid to showcase his products to the people at a computer fair. At the fair, over three hundred orders were for the Apple ll in no time. He even struck a deal with a Japanese entrepreneur to sell his product in Japan. Soon, the company moved out of the garage for a rented office. More staff was hired. Next, the Macintosh was made, a cheap stand alone computer that Steve wasn't really a big fan of. In 1981 Steve took "A-list players" from the offices to form a Mac team to improve it. They worked in a separate HQ building. Woz was out of town but Steve called him over about the Mac idea, but he never arrived. Woz's airplane crashed and he was in the hospital. When he gained conciousness he decided to leave Apple and get a college degree. Steve started to get serious. He even criticized the boot time. After Steve's Super Bowl ad in 1984, he unveiled the Mac at the annual stockholder meeting. The audience went wild and congratulated him with a five-minute standing ovation. Then Steve hired five senior Apple employees to help him. Together they founded NeXT. Steve then bought Lucasfilm because he loved the Pixar computer graphics. He then named the company Pixar, after the computer. In 1990, when Disney and Pixar joined forces, to make an animation called Toy Story. Finally in 1995 Toy Story premiered and was an instant smash hit earning $30,000,000 in its opening weekend. In 1996 Apple bought NeXT from Steve and he returns as owner of Apple in 11 years. In 1998 Steve introduced the iMac and iTunes. The iMac became the fastest selling computer ever. Pixar's Bug's Life and Toy Story 2 came out in 1998 and 1999 as huge hitters too.

Did you know?The Blue Box was illegal.

In November 2001, there was the release of the iPod. Unlike mp3 players back in the time, the iPod was easy to use. The iPod soon became an iconic Apple symbol. It was honored, world's most valuable company. In 2003, iTunes provided many record labels with people like BONO from U2, Dr. Dre, and Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones. Steve was having severe pains though. When he was scanned, he had pancreatic cancer. He underwent surgery, but it didn't work but that didn't stop him. Steve upped his game. In 2006, Steve sold Pixar to Disney for $7.4 billion for his innovation. In 2007, Steve unveiled his must-have product, the iPhone. Steve's iPhone was revolutionary.It accounted for more than half the sales of mobile phones around the globe. Steve went back to work in January 2010 and unveiled the iPad. By the end of the year, 15,000,000 iPads were sold. Sadly on October 5, 2011 he died.

Did you know?Having a baby back then when you weren't married was against the law.

Did you know?Steve left his girlfrend Chrisann due to work conflicts. When she gave birth to baby girl Lisa, Steve refused and anandoned them.

Did you know?Steve's last words were, "Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow."

Steve was married to Laurene Powell, and had 3 kids: Reed, Erin Siena, and Eve. He also has his long lost daughter, Lisa.


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