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Steve Jobs

Famous Works

On May 17,1978 Jobs first daughter Lisa was born but he was too focused on work and not ready for a family so he had little contact with her and he broke up with her mother.In 1989 jobs met Laurene and they got married in 1991.Around this time Job's daughter Lisa came to live with them.Their son Reed was born in 1991, their duaghter Erin in 1995 and their daughter Eve in 1998.


Macintosh Computer (1984)-1st computer with a built in monitorNeXT Computer (1989)iMac (1998)iPod(2001)-became a huge hit becuase of it's simple, wheel shaped controls

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1995 and died at 56 years old on October 5, 2011 due to cancer.

In 2000, Steve began planning Apples next big move. Making Apple part of the music industry. In January 2001 iTunes was released

Without Steve Jobs the music,cell phone, personal computer, and tablet computer industries would all be different today.


Steve Jobs created the first ever iPhone in 2007





In 1985 Steve left Apple.Jobs started a new company called NeXT.Steve also worked at Lucasfilms or now known as Pixar where they focused on harware and software.Some of the pixar workers made films with the technology they had and one of the workers was nominated for a Academy Awards. Jobs realized that Pixar's true strength was not in creating software and hardware. It was creating films. PIxar then released Toystory.


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