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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs spoke in front 6,000 professionals about new apple products for over an hour.

This was how Germany reacted to Steve Jobs death on October 5th, 2011

Early LifeSteve Jobs was adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs. His birth parents were Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah John Jandali. After a few years, Paul and Clara adopted Patricia. Paul was a machinist, a used-car dealer, and a real estate broker. Clara took babysitting jobs to pay for Steve's swim lessons. Paul was really good at bargaining to get the lowest prices. Steve Jobs joined his father and learned things that would help him later in life. Steve Jobs was good at making his products sound better than other company's products, because of his dad.

Steve Jobs

He was completely familiar with all aspects of the product he developed.

Steve Jobs was always bored in school. He got in trouble for playing practical jokes on students and teachers. He always had a different way of looking at a problem.

Steve Jobs was filled with enthusiasm. He made keynotes with peeks of the product that he's about to announce.

Dropping In And Dropping OutSteve Jobs graduated in the spring of 1972 from Homestead High School. He applied to Reed College. He planned to study literature, philosophy, and physics. He realized how expensive it was after enrolling in fall of 1972. Steve Jobs dropped out after 6 months. He continued living on campus in an empty dorm. He was also allowed to sit in classes.

Apple Computer Takes offSteve Jobs jumped into action when his circuit board was ready to sell. He got his first order for 50 computers. 50 computers amounted to $25,000. Steve Jobs had 30 days to assemble and send the finished computers, but he still needed workers. He hired his pregnant sister and some other workers. That's when Apple computer took off.

What Makes Steve Jobs Run?When Steve Jobs spoke in front of professionals, he always built up the suspense before announcing the product. His main focus when presenting was to demonstrate that his product is better than the others. Steve Jobs criticized Microsoft, as it was his main rival.

"I have this math workbook. If you take it home and finish on your own without any help, and you get it 80% right, I will give you $5 and one of these really big suckers." -Mrs. Hill (4th Grade Teacher)


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