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Steve Jobs

Steve JobsBy: Barbara Sheen

Carson Sinisko Mrs. Ohland Period 3 2-28-14

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. He grew up in Nothern California. Jobs was put up for adoption at birth. In 1968, Jobs meets computer whiz Steve Wozniak. In 1972, Jobs graduated from high school and attended Reed College. However, in 1973, he dropped out of college for financial reasons as well as disinterest in what he was studying.

Jobs reconnects with his old friend Steve Wozniak in 1974. In 1976, Jobs and Wozniak found the Apple Computer Company. In 1980, Apple became a publicly-traded company, and both men became millionares. In 1984, Apple debuted its first computer, the Macintosh. Jobs eventually lost copntrol of the Apple company and was ousted in 1985.

In 1996, Apple buys the NeXT company and Steve Jobs triumphantly returns to Apple. In 1997, he was appointed Apple's Interim CEO. In 1998, the iMac computer debuts. Jobs once again was appointed CEO of Apple, and in 2001, the iPod debuts. Finally in 2003, the iTunes Music Store offically opens. Jobs had once again made Apple highly successful.

Steve was lost initially after he parted ways with Apple. In 1986, Jobs bought the movie company Pixar. He married Laurene Powell in 1990. He built Pixar Studios during this time and eventually sold the company to Disney which made Jobs a billionaire. He then started the NeXT computer company.

In 2004, Jobs was diagnosed with a type of pancreatic cancer which was curable with surgery. Continuing with his career, he became the chairman of Disney's board of directors in 2006. Apple debuted the Iphone. In 2009, Jobs takes another medical leave of absence, but he eventually returns part-time. In 2010, the iPad debuted. In 2011, however, Jobs passed away from cancer after also having a liver transplant. He was much too young.

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