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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a brilliant man who changed the way we look at technology today. Steve Jobs invented the Apple computer, the ipad, the iphone, the ipod, and the ipod touch.the first thing that Steve Jobs created was the Apple 1, which was the first Apple product.


Attended reed college for one semester, then dropped out.

Some of Steve's greatest accomplishments came from his partnership with Steve Wozniak, their biggest accomplishment was when they together, created the Apple 1, first Apple computer. after the Apple 1 it semmed to them as if the sky were the limit with technology. Steve Jobs created the ipod iphone and the ipad, and lived a very succesful life.

date of birth and death

born: february 24, 1955Fan Fransicodeath: october 5, 2011San Fransico


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Steve Jobs




impact on societyone impact that Steve Jobs had on societyis that he introduced us on a whole new ageof technology.

HobbiesSteve Jobs had a passion for music.He liked to invent things.

factsSteve Jobs was a clooege dropoutSteve Jobs has a sister that is a famous authorSteve Jobs dated a guy


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