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Steve Jobs

PIXARAfter leaving Apple in 1986, Steve Jobs buys for 10 million dollar company The Graphics Group, known as Pixar, a company specializing in the production of computer graphics.

NeXTAfter leaving Apple, 30 years old, decided to continue his business career in the computer industry and founded NeXT Computer Inc. company, With an investment of $ 7 million dollar.

He created Apple Computer, Pixar Animation Studios y NeXT Computer.

APPLESteve Jobs Apple Computer founded in 1976 and launched the first laptop. And on September 17, 1985 the company abandoned the same I think.Apple Computer in 1997 was declining sales. Then Steve Jobs decides to retrieve the confidence of the direction of the company.He resigned on August 24, 2011 from his position as CEO and instead enters Tim Cook. From the date until his death was the Chairman of the board of the company.

Steve Jobs1955-2011

Steve Jobs born in San Francisco, California on February 24, 1955.-He lived in Mountain View, California, and perform their primary and secondary studies.In 1972 he entered the university and after 6 months he left for the cost of the studies, but still goes to classes as listener another 18 months.Steve Jobs died at his home in California at 3 pm on October 5, 2011, at age 56, as a result of respiratory failure due to pancreatic cancer that was discovered in 2004



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