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Steve Jobs

Born in San Fransico, Califorina on Febuary 24, 1955. He died on October 5, 2011 at Palo ALto, Califorina. He went to college at Reed College, Steve was a drop out.Steve keep his persnal life private, but we do know he was married to Laurene Powell, they had four kids, Lisa, Reed,Erine, and Eve. Steve jobs had Lisa with another women. Steve Jobs was adpoted to Clara and Paul Jobs. His biological parents where two gradstudents, from the University of Wisconsin.


You know that iphone, or ipod, or ipad that you, or your friend, or your parent has? yeah well you can thank Steve Jobs for that.

Steve jobs accomplished a lot of things in his life time, he may have not always give the people credit that need it though. If you stop to think how many people have an iphone, and if they dont have an iphone, an ipod; you are bond to know someone with an apple product, that computer youre on yeah thats probably an apple product. That just shows you how big apple is.

Lasting Impact

Steve jobs made people able to put 1000's songs in your pocket. Some of the things Steve has done would not be able to happen without Blaise Pascal.


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Steve Jobs


Apple products

Steve Jobs had a very big greatful in pack on the work, he changed music in a huge way. His legion still lives on to this day.

At first people didnt like Steve jobs invention, they fired him a lot, he didnt always be the big brains in apple, but when he wasnt they wanted him back and he didnt come back so easy he wasnt just going to come back and help in a snap. His big idea was a computer with a keyboard attached to it. Back in 2001 people wouldnt invest in apple but now everyone wishes that they did. The invention back in the day was cd players but nothing like having 1,000 songs in your pocket.

This is Steve Jobs when he was young and him later nn in life before he died.


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