Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Who was Steve Jobs?

Technology personChanged world with technologyAmerican Entrepreneur InventerCo-founder Apple Computer

What was his family like?

Birthparents Abdulfattah John Jandali Joanne Carole SchiebleAdopted Parents Paul and Clara Jobs

Siblings Lisa Brennan-Jobs Reed Jobs

What kind of education did he have?

Went to Reed College1972-1974

What was his hobbies and personalty like?

MusicE-mailinternet in 1 device

Art History

Why was the iphone created?

What did Steve Jobs do to change technology?

Steve Wozniak went computer clubGot ideasTold Steve Jobs Built it

What were his hobbies?

Swimming and football 17%Archrey and tecnology 37%Art and history 27%Baseball and kickball 20%

By: Shreyam Tripathi

Who was Steve Jobs?

Interesting Facts

Made Pixar (Animation Company)worlds greatest Animation studio

Forced out of appleReturned in 1996

Died because of cancer

Sculley wrestled with low Macintosh sales and a need to bring some order to the creative chaos Jobs had unleashed. Sculley found that he couldn’t rein in Jobs—and decided he had to go.



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