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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Former CEO of Apple, Design Maverick, & Master of the Digital World

Quick FactsBorn on Febuarary 24th, 1955, Steven P. Jobs was adopted out to Paul and Clara Jobs of Palo Alto, California - the heart of soon-to be Silicon Valley - with the promise that they would ensure him a college education. As a teenager, he became interested in digital electronics: At the age of twelve, he phoned Hewlett of Hewlett & Packard to request a donation of components for a frequency counter he was building. Not only did he recieve the components, but he was offered a job at the Palo Alto HP plant, which he took.Jobs met Steve Wozniak as a sophomore in high school. Wozniak was much older; however, they forged a strong friendship and spent much of high school playing practical jokes. When the graduating class of '73 was marching out of the high school, diplomas in hand, Jobs and Wozniak dramatically unfurled a banner displaying a large middle finger from the school's roof. Jobs was suspended for a week, but the prank became ledgend of the school.Skipping forth two years: Jobs had decided that he wasn't going anywhere with his studentship at the presegious Reed College. After dropping out, taking a spiritual excusion to India, and having a part-time job at the newly founded Atari, he convinced Wozniak to help him co-found a company: Apple Computer, Inc.


Above: A young Steve JobsBelow: Palo Alto, where Jobs spent much of his life

Conventional WisdomThe Commonly accepted mantra of the time was that computers were so expensive and cumbersome that they could only be used by business executives and interns. They could perform very limited and basic calculations, ande were hard to use. They were basically useless to the average person, or just not worth the time nor effort needed to program and operate them regularly.What's New?Jobs and Wozniak had a simple ideal: a computer on every person's desk. This meant to them a sleek, user-friendly and neatly packed piece of engineering might and high technology. No mainframes, and no terminals. And to be feasibly availble to the consumer market, it meant that these new computers had to be dirt cheap.ReceptionIt was not always this way. Apple was turned down by numberous investment firsms while in it's infancy. Many people had never even heard the words "computer" and "friendly" in a sentence. The mere thought of the everyman using a computer was simply crazy.But Afterwards...Steve Jobs has widely been hailed as one of the key players in ushering in the digital age. When he set out in 1979 to put a computer in every house, he couldn't have had any clue about just how much his new company would eventually change the world. Apple has become a universal symbol of the twenty-first century: hip, high tech, so on and so forth. Jobs and Wozniak were introducing the computer to the masses while Microsoft was still struggling to keep up.

Above: Jobs posing in front of Apple's logo



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