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Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin"The Crocidile Hunter"

Steve's goal

Stephen Robert Irwin cared for the environment and the animals in it. His goal was to make other people to care for the same thing he did.

Steve was born on February 22, 1962 in Essendon, Melbourne, Australia to Lynn and Bob Irwin. But Steve grew up in Victoria, Australia. Steve loved catching reptiles as a kid.He wrestled his first croc when he was 12.

Steve hosted the hit show "The Crocidile Hunter." He was also in many movies such as "The Oceans Deadliest." He had a a wife named Terri, a daughter named Bindi, and a son named Robert. He worked with crocs, snakes, and other reptiles.

Steve died while in the production of "The Oceans Deadliest." He ended up swimming to close to a stingray and within a couple seconds it stung him in the chest after confusing Steve for a big Reef Shark. He was reported dead 30 minutes after he was stung.

Steve's death

Steve's childhood

Steve's Professional life


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