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Steve Irwin Project

Steve Irwin By: Haley O'Connor A class

Birth: A. Steve Irwin was born on February 22, 1962.B. Steve Irwin was born in Essendon, Melbourne, Australia C. He was born to Bob and Lyn Irwin.

Why Did Steve Choose his carrier? Was their any family experience? Steve choose his carrier because of his parents and their business. As a child he was raised with all sorts of animals, so it made him more fond of them before starting his job. This was an advantage to him because as a little kid his parents would teach him all the characteristics of animals to get him prepared. When it was soon time to choose what he wanted to do for a job the choice was easy. He had spent his whole life loving animals, especially crocodiles and there was no way he could pass down the chance of a lifetime. With his parents doing the same thing he was doing they could give him tips and advice, making him the best crocodile scientist/hunter there ever was.

Education: A. Steve Irwin went to the Landsborough State School. B. He then went onto the Caloundra High School in Australia. C. Once Steve graduated from High School he decided not to go to college.

Personal Life: A. As Steve grew up he learned to cope with all sorts of animals living amongst his house. B. As more time went on, Steve found out that he loved to catch small crocodiles with his dad - soon making it a hobby. C. For his sixth birthday, Steve received a 5-foot Python that he called his pet. But he had to keep it in a cage because the large snake might have mistaken its owner as an appetizer. D. When Steve was nine he also caught a venomous snake with his bare foot that could have came close to killing him.

Adult:A. As Steve soon became a man he met and married Terri Raines in 1992 at Eugene, Oregon. B. After six years of marriage, they had their first daughter, Bindi Irwin on July, 24, 1998. C. Five years after Bindi was born they had a second child which they named Robert Clearance Irwin, who was born on December 1st, 2003.D. As Bob and Lyn became older they handed the Park over to Steve Irwin who re-named it the Australian Park in 1998. E. Steve donated one hundred million dollars a year to the Wildlife warriors that he thought was as good cause to support them.

Career Highlights: A. Steve would go around in different places catching problem crocodiles before poachers came and killed the innocent animals. B. He also worked in his families wildlife and Fauna park and maintaining the area. C.In 2007 Steve won the Astra award for best male personality while doing his job. D. Also in 2007 he won the Hall of Fame for best crocodile hunter.

One thing your scientist is best known for: One thing my scientist is best known for is his TV show called, “ Crocodile Hunter.” This show was aired on discovery Chanel in 1996. The production was about showing the life of crocodiles, how they act in their habitat, and what they eat. Steve’s program was a international sensation with people all around the world watching how dangerous his job actually was.

How did Steve Irwin conduct research? How did he keep track of observations and results of the research/experiments?Steve would conduct his research out in the wild when he traveled to remote locations where he would study the characteristics of crocodiles, and learn how they adapted to changes in life. He would also preform experiments on different studies of the crocodile, where it gave him some good feedback or some not important facts.

Death:Steve died a devastating death when he was filming an underwater video at the Great Barrier reef called, “Oceans Deadliest” on June 4th, 2007 with his crew. A stingray was swimming between Steve and his filmcrew and the stingray felt trapped so it pierced Steve Irwin in the chest, killing him within minutes.

Other: A. “As Steve stared down at the little infant baby, tears rolled down his eyes.”B. “ Not everyone loved Steve, some countrymen found his Ultra Aussieism embarrassing and Cliche. Also some thought of him as an irresponsible thrill seeker who exaggerated the danger of handling wild animals.”


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