Steroid Use

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Steroid Use

Steroid make people be very happy in some moments. They also make people have “roid rage.” “Roid Rage” is when people often times act aggressively after taking a lot of steroids at once. Also, using steroids causes people to go into deep depression which can cause people to be a threat to themselves. Steroid use causes people to have insomnia which mean someone has an inability to sleep.

Steroids shouldn’t be used because they cause physical change, they cause mental change, and they can be very deadly.

Using steroids will increase the risk of injury to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments because of how much you grow in a short period of time. It will also take a long time to recover from these injuries. Also, your face becomes round and puffy, and acne forms on the skin. Steroid use causes a change in your voice, usually making it deeper. Lastly, it causes your skin to turn yellow, and you are likely to get rashes all over your body.

Steroid Use

Steroids can also cause mental changes to the body.

Steroid use can be very deadly.

Steroid cause serious physical change to the body.


Using steroids causes the user to get liver disease, and from liver disease, you can get a tumor.Also from injecting the steroids with an unsterile needle, you can get blood poisoning which can be deadly. Steroid use causes heart attack and stroke in the most deadly cases. It cause kidney stones which are extremely painful and it causes kidney disease.

Some people might say that steroids are used to fight Arthritis and Cancer in some cases.

In respones, I would say that there is more than just steroids that you can take for these. Also, you could get the side-effects of the steroids that were said above. Taking the steroid for medication would increase the chances of dying.Lastly, people can become addicted to it while using it for medication.

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