[2015] reuel straub (LTR 30): Sterility

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[2015] reuel straub (LTR 30): Sterility

Artificial Sterility:Some couples never Intend to have children and purposely get sterility done through artificial means.


What is sterility?Sterility is the inability of a living organism to effect sexual reproduction.

What Causes male Infertility? The main causes of male fertility is poor quality sperm or a low sperm count.

Sterility can occur through natural defects or through artificial means.

This can be a result of: smoking, use of drugs, alcholol abuse, overly intense exercise, or even too tight underwear!

The term "Sterile" generally refers to men and women are generally referedd to as "Infertile".


Fallopian Tubes

~ The Operation done on a Female is to have her fallopian tubes cut and then tied, which does not allow for the eggs to reach the uterus, causing sterility.

~A visectomy is a operation on a man that involves snipping the cord that carries sperm so that the seminal fluid will no longer contain sperm causing sterililty.

What causes female infertility?Female infertility is more common and has more factors to what causes it. It can be result of tons of different substances, even your diet can affect it. Either the ovaries fail to ovulate or there is damage to the fallopian tubes. Some women have genetic diseases that prevent them from reproducing.


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