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Social Studies

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This infographic explains the conversation between Elaine and Ninette on their experiences with stereotypes.

RESULTSDuring this chat Elaine and I discovered that we grew up in a similar manner. We also experienced some similar strereotypes. We also thought about the question Are Stereotypes Ever Positive?.

Hispanics are... -hard-working-Family oriented-Smart for being bilingual and developing literacy in Spanish in addition to English

Positive Stereotypes Elaine Experienced


Elaine:- Hispanic-Born and raised in Chicago areaNinette:-African American-Born and raised in western suburbs of Chicago

-Acting or sounding white-Distrust of spanish language conversations by non-speakers. -Free Loader (lucky to get a certain job because of skin color)-Receive special treatment becauce of language

African Americans are...- Good at sports-Great dancers-Great musicians


Positive Stereotypes Ninette Experiences


Negative Stereotypes Elaine Experienced

A shared experience!

Negative Stereotypes Ninette Experienced

- Sounding or acting white-If you have money, then your father must be an athlete-African Americans have the same life experiences-Using the positive stereotypes listed against African Americans that are not very good at those things. -Your child doesn't have your skin color, they aren't yours or your husband must be white.


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