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Social Studies

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10 Example Stereotypes1. White people don't have rhythm.2. African Americans are good at basketball.3. All Asians are geniuses.4. Hispanics don't speak English very well.5. Native Americans love to gamble.6. All Asians know Kung Fu.7. All Muslims are terrorists.8. White people are all racist. 9.Hispanics are all illegal Aliens.10.All Asians are terrible drivers.

My Glog on Stereotypes

Be Aware!

A stereotype is the act or process about someone or something that’s exaggerated and most likely offensive to distinguish a group. Here are some groups I came up with, and some from the book.Regions(Arabs,Latinos,Asians,Africans, and South Americans)Sex (bi-sexual, hetrosexual, male, female)Race(Caucasian,African, Asian, Mexican)Religion(Catholic, Muslim,Christian,Jewish,Mormon,Hindu)IQ (smart, stupid, average, brainy)Occupation(engineers,doctor,teachers,construction workers, fireman)Relational Roles(friend,brother,sister,mother,father,cousin)Physical Characteristics(tall,short,fat,skinny)Social Class(poor,wealthy,middle class)Talents (jock, singer, dancer, comedian, artist)


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