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If someone asked me how i see myself, i would say that i am a nice, smart, athletic, loving, big hearted, a little shy, great family, someone who needs to think before they do or say sometimes, and that i put myself 2nd to much. No one would ever know these things about me because they don't think they need to, this is because they think they already know based off my appearance. i think people see me as only nice to the people i like, annoying, to happy/preppy, shy, hard to approach, and basic… im not any of these things, but people would never know that until they got to know me!

I asked one person what they thought about me before getting to know me and they said “i thought you were a preppy girl, popular, and i thought that you would come off rude sometimes” and now that she got to know me she says, “you are a really nice, smart, and athletic girl who talks to everybody”. Everybody judges others by first impressions and appearance, even i do it! THIS NEEDS TO STOP!


This is me!!!

This is how the world see's me.

This is why we shouldn't judge or place people in categories based off of their stereotypes. Stereotypes aren't bad things, they are what you are and who you are so you should not care what people think about you and embrace yourself!

One look and people judge, they think they've got you all figured out and know all about you, but really they don't. People place you in categories based off of what you wear ,who you hang out with, even what music you listen to. Your appearance influences what people think about you, it's your identity and what stereotype you are.



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