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Stereo Type

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStereo Typing Is Wrong! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx By Carlos Carbonel

There are many stereo types about the people that live in the Middle East and North Africa. These people are smarter than you think, they invented way more than you think. One Stereo type is, “people from the middle east and north Africa aren’t very smart and have contributed very little to the world besides war and conflict.” This stereotype is not true. Without them we wouldn’t have most the thing we have today. For example, there are 10 outstanding Muslim inventions. Medicine & health also have made advancements in science and technology. First, 2 outstanding Muslim inventions that have influenced society, Flying Machines and Algebra were first attempted by a man named “Abbas Ibn Firnas”. Therefore it took the shape of a bird. This was made in the 9th century. Hundreds years later Abbas’s image was created and successful by, “Leonardo Da Vinci” the artist/ inventor accomplished this dream, in a similar way. Now Algebra, Algebra is an Arabic word for mathematics. It was discovered made by a man named “Al-Khwarizmi”. Also, was made famous in the 9th century. A book was even based on algebra. This proves the stereotype wrong because, these people contributed to a big part of math also airplanes and gave the ideas for helicopters. If they weren’t smart other people around the world wouldn’t be smart to use it but people around the world do. It’s helpful for the learning of transport, these people are smart. Secondly Medicine and Health. There are three different types of this woman/man made ways to save a life. They are surgery, optics and hospitals. People around the world still use them today in our advancement of technology. Hospitals were originally made by people in Egypt, Cairo, but originated around the Muslim heritage of caring, for anyone around the world. Optics is treatment for your eyes, from glasses to contacts they will help. They have helped lots of peoples eye sight even of not of the same culture. Lastly surgery, surgery was generated in the year 1000 because of these people in Middle East and North Africa, with a book illustrated by, “Al-Zaharaw”. These things prove the stereotype wrong by, the people who do this being able to care about people if they were only creating conflict and war would this be true? Most of the people that live in the Middle East and North Africa are peaceful and nice.Lastly, Science & Technology, The rise of Islam in the 7th century was extraordinary. Even Muslim rulers accepted this awesome thing called science & technology. Furthermore, promote it to higher or numeral fields. It ran across mathematics, astronomy, optics, chemistry and physics. This proves the stereotype wrong by, if they didn’t contribute anything why would we use it and how could they figure it out they are smart not in a negative way in positive way.Therefore, the statement/stereotype is false. “People from the Middle East and North Africa aren’t very smart, and have contributed very little to the world besides war and conflict” is wrong. They invented Algebra, hospitals, optics & surgery that’s all used greatly today. They are very smart and have contributed a lot to the community. Stereotyping is wrong in all ways!

Stereo Typing is, illegal in most state and continents. It is not the right thing to do. Stereo typing is mostly toward how you act, popularity, or your culture. Most of it is toward culture. On how they act . think if you were a person being judged. Its called discrimination people have been brought to court for it.

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Making Paper was not made in north africa and the middle east but it was evolved and develobed

Surgery was not any conflict muslims and arab cultures develop this for the war in the middle east and north africa

Telescopes were made by muslims in the middle east they transferd the idea to america its productive.

Tents were made by muslims and arab cultures but primarly made by blankets.

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