Stepnoe: Home is where the heart is

by ulianadrozdenko
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Stepnoe: Home is where the heart is

Our town is situated on the Karaman river. It was founded in 1767 by German colonists and its first name was Luy. Nowadays there are houses built by the Germans in Stepnoe.

In 1950s a lot of people came to our town.In 1960s the Bulgarian builders helped to develop Stepnoe. Dimitrov Street was named in honour of this fact. There is the monument to Dimitrov not far from the park in Stepnoe.

Today Stepnoe is a beautiful town. In 2008 our church was built. In 2011 the new Park was planted. Karl Marx street is famous for its beautiful roses.

The honorable place of our town is Glory alley in the park. Every year we come here to the sculptures of our famous people. We love our small and nice town!

Stepnoe is our native town. It was built by people from different countries and cities. Stepnoe is our home because it is the place where our hearts are ...

Welcome to Stepnoe!

Our new park

Our church

The monument to Dimitrov

Old German Houses

My Home is the Place where my Heart is ...



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