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stephen snyder

- Eutrophication is a sickness of the ecosystem responses to human activities the fertilize water bodies and causes the algea to grow. causeing the animals to die. -Eutrophication was first lakerivers as they became choked with excessive growth of rooted plants and floating algal scums, prompting intense study in the 1960's-70's and culminating in the scientific basis for banning phosphate detergents (a major source of P, the most frequent culprit in eutrophication of lakes) and upgrading sewage treatment to reduce wastewater N and P discharges to inland waters

There are numerous outcomes to the ecosystems associated with eutrophication environments.Most of these are viewed as unfavorable to the biota which have historically comprised a given habitat.

The world's human population is growing slowly in the coastal zone, creating an additional challenge of reducing nutrient inputs from municipal waste, septic systems, and fertilizer runoff from lawns and gardens.


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